Orlando-Based Pink Lotus Technologies Receives 2020 Technology Innovator Award

Orlando-Based Pink Lotus Technologies Receives 2020 Technology Innovator Award

The company behind the POMM® wearable safety device continues to gain attention with the “Most Innovative Child Safety Technology Solution 2020” category for Technology Innovator Awards

(Orlando, FL) July 16, 2020 – Pink Lotus Technologies Inc., a technology developer of wearable tech solutions, has received the “Most Innovative Child Safety Technology Solution in 2020” accolade from the Technology Innovator Award—an organization that showcases the innovation of unique products and companies across a range of sectors and industries.

The Technology Innovator Award is given to companies that excel through their hard work and dedication to their craft—including innovation related to child safety, which remains a paramount need for parents in the 21st century.

Maryann Kilgallon founded Pink Lotus Technologies as a forward-thinking company that could make a difference in children and parent’s lives, with the creation of POMM® or Peace of Mind Monitor—a wearable tech device and adjoining connected app with NASA technology that can connect them through the wonders of mobile connectivity.

The world can be very threatening to a child who is under the supervision of a caregiver—as well as any other time when they are playing or exploring their surroundings, beyond their parent’s direct supervision—and POMM® delivers a powerful connected solution to ensure their safety.

Maryann is excited to receive the Technology Innovator Award for the “Most Innovative Child Safety Technology Solution in 2020” because it reinforces her drive to find solutions for the greater good. Her motivation has a goal of protecting as many children as possible, through her visionary efforts to garner existing technologies to ensure their safety.

“We continue to make great strides in ensuring the safety of future generations with products like POMM®, which are meant to safeguard our children from everyday threats,” said Maryann Kilgallon, Founder at Pink Lotus Tech. “This Technology Innovator Award reassures me that our team is on the right path with our wearable tech solution.”

As a client of the UCF Business Incubator Program, Maryann Kilgallon actively pushes herself and her team to challenge the status quo, always looking for solution beyond the obvious—which has become a mantra for Pink Lotus Tech.

In 2019, Pink Lotus Tech was invited to showcase the POMM® wearable tech solution at Eureka Park within the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where it began securing partnerships and generating the support needed to evolve into an upgraded version in 2020.

The “Most Innovative Child Safety Technology Solution in 2020” award is proof that Pink Lotus Tech is moving in the right direction and will continue to innovate and chase opportunities that can keep children safe from accidents, mishaps or negligence.

“The end goal for POMM® is to transform children safety by keeping as many of them connected to their families in a market with 48 million children in the United States,” adds Maryann, who continues her relentless fight to assure a bright future for our youngest generation.

About Pink Lotus Technologies

Pink Lotus Technologies, Inc. is an Orlando-based tech solutions company that develops innovative concepts for a better and safer world. The company’s focus on wearable technology led to the creation of POMM® (Peace Of Mind Monitor) and is currently working with investors and strategic partners to establish a distribution network for the product.

For more information about Pink Lotus Technologies Inc., visit www.pinklotustech.com. To explore the POMM® wearable tech device and its features, please visit www.pommconnect.com.

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